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Wonderful cleaners. I am extremely happy with their service and have recommended them to several friends.
Date of Posting: 12 September 2016
Posted By: Amanda Kozan
The best and most honest group of people you can ask for. Trustworthy and hardworking! Keep up the good work!!

100% recommendation from me!
Date of Posting: 12 September 2016
Posted By: Ahmed Deen
We are very happy with the cleaning being done at our home.
I would recomend their service to anyone.
Thank you,
Date of Posting: 09 September 2016
Posted By: Marva
Cartwright Street
$50 with any Duct Vent Cleaning <br />

How often you need to clean your dryer vent has lot to do with the layout of your dryer ventilation duct work. The more twist, bends and corners you have, will indicate that there is a good chance that lint will collect and build-up in these areas. That being said, the risk is greater for dryer vent fires to occur.
Date of Posting: 09 September 2016
Posted By: Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning
Professional BBQ cleaning (BestCleaning)

Our BBQ cleaning system will remove all visible traces of grease and fat PLUS we’ll get into all those awkward areas of the BBQ that you don’t see every day! We’ll only be using Premium Grade, biodegradable products in our BBQ Grill cleaning service to achieve the highest possible standards.
We clean the hood, clean and remove the grills, the heat plates, smokers, drip trays and burners, getting right down to where you find mould, grease, charcoal and food remnants.
Date of Posting: 09 September 2016
Posted By: Professional BBQ cleaning (BestCleaning)
Been using there service for about a year now. Nice people, trustworthy, professional and take criticism to improve their services! By far the most pleasant experience in Saskatoon.
Date of Posting: 09 September 2016
Posted By: David
First time with BestCleaning Service and it has been a great experience. Got the basic cleaning for my apartment! We had Olga did a wonderful job , professional and efficient and she was AMAZING!! And now my bathroom tiles are finally presentable!
So detAiled! I've recommended her a friend and they loved her as well! I will definitely use this service again.
Big thanks to BestCleaning!
Date of Posting: 23 August 2016
Posted By: Lindsay M.
Igor and Michael did a deep clean on my apartment earlier this week, and they did a really great job. The place was pretty bad, as I'd just had a roommate who never cleaned anything move out. I would definitely recommend them!
Thanks to Best Cleaning!
Date of Posting: 15 August 2016
Posted By: Mark
Thank you so much for the great review.
Date of Posting: 06 August 2016
Posted By: BestCleaning
3013 McClocklin Road, Saskatoon
I've been super happy with every aspect of BestCleanin service.
They've been wonderfully professional and willing to put in the extra effort to make the service not just good, but great.
Highly recommended. Thank you.
Date of Posting: 06 August 2016
Posted By: Susan
College Park

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Customer Reviews

Hello Olga, This is Sharon Powell. Igor and Kristin (I'm not sure if I have the names correct). They did a great job cleaning the windows in my townhouse. They were polite, respectful and cheerful. Because of each of them I will recommend your company. Thanks again! Sharon

Jun 23, 2016


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