Our Services:

CityCleaning provides customized residential and commercial cleaning services in Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

Our services include:

Residential cleaning

 We provide a variety of residential cleaning services, customized to your needs.

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Office cleaning


Commercial Office Cleaning:


The cleanliness of your workplace is critical to your business’ image and employee satisfaction. We understand how important it is to keep your workplace looking good while also ensuring your privacy.


At City Cleaning, we offer high-quality and environmentally-friendly cleaning services. You can rest assured that we will leave your space in immaculate condition without disturbing your schedule or productivity.


Our cleaning crews are highly and professionally trained, properly equipped, respectful, diligent and punctual. Each member of our team is committed to excellence. 


Once we begin servicing your office, you will enjoy:


  1. A customized cleaning routine for your workplace according to your needs and budget.
  2. An improved work environment. We will reduce the spread of illness-causing germs and bad odours.
  3. Competitive and affordable pricing. We show you exactly how your quote is determined based on industry standards.
  4. 24/7 customer support on the phone, online and onsite.
  5. Bonded and insured service, including liability insurance, WCB, Bond, WSIB Clearance Certificate, and Worker Health & Safety Awareness Certificate.
  6. Environmentally friendly cleaning products and industry-leading equipment.
  7. Professionalism: experienced, trained and certified cleaning staff.
  8. Special services: specific cleaning methods for all types of flooring, waxing, burnishing, washing windows and exteriors, and other requests.


We create customized cleaning plans in order to fit our clients' needs and budgets. Factors affecting the price of your cleaning include:


  • Timeframe and frequency of cleaning
  • Expected duties and specific requests or standards
  • Cleaning products, if you have specific requests for the type of cleaning products used
  • Supplies, depending who provides and restocks paper supplies including toilet paper, napkins, etc.
  • Bonding and liability insurance - verification that cleaning staff is certified and insured to your standards
  • Worker’s Compensation Board


We are happy to service Saskatoon and surrounded areas, including Warman, Martensville, Osler, Langham, and Vanscoy. We are excited to expand into other surrounding communities.


Moving day cleaning

Moving Day Cleaning

Looking for a move-in cleaning? Looking to get your deposit back? Whether you are buying a new house or selling the old one, cleaning two places during the chaos of moving is a big job.

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Deep Cleaning

Does your place look rundown?

Tired of cleaning?

Let us take care of your place!

If you are looking for a professional cleaning service that offers competitive rates, then you found the right cleaners. We have high quality commercial and residential cleaning services, and our reputation is built on providing reliable service at great prices. Your satisfaction is always our top priority!

We service Saskatoon and all surrounding areas. We are bonded and insured. Our hours are always designed to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Feel free to request a time that matches your needs.


At City Cleaners, we do not cut corners – we clean them.

Spring cleaning


Spring is known as the time to clean your home and purge old items, but who says you can only do it one season of the year? 

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Washing windows

We clean exterior and interior windows for all sizes of commercial and residential spaces in Saskatoon and surrounded areas.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Uncleaned carpets and upholstery accumulate dust and germs. Cleaning them means better health for you and your family.

Why call big companies who use sub-contractors when you can call us and have the job done at half price? 

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Post-construction clean-up





Construction is messy. We know that once your building project is finished, you want it ready for occupancy as soon as possible. Whether the space is brand new or recently renovated, we will have your space looking like construction workers were never there.

Best Cleaning has built a strong reputation in the industry for our excellence as a post-construction janitorial company. We can handle any size job with ease and expertise at very competitive prices.

Contact us to request a quote now.

At Best Cleaners, we do not cut corners – we clean them.





Refrigerator and oven cleaning

Refrigerators are prone to nasty odors. Unfortunately, harmful bacteria can spread in the low temperatures (especially thriving in your salad drawer).

With a regular professional clean of your fridge, you can be sure that you and your family are eating a safer meal.

We are:

  • Available all weekdays, weekends and bank holidays
  • Trained and fully insured cleaners
  • Equipped with efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment
  • Fast: appliances are always ready to use right after cleaning
  • Available to both private and commercial customers
  • Able to do key pickups, in case you won’t be around during the cleaning
  • Able to offer discounted prices when you order multiple services at once.

Our Oven Clean Team provides specialists in numerous local areas that will leave any oven shiny and ready for use right after the treatment.

For excellent results and your convenience, we offer:

  • Fully insured service.
  • Professionals familiar with a range of oven makes and models
  • The most efficient dip-tank method which removes all food debris and makes the dirtiest oven look like new
  • Discounts when you book multiple services at once
  • Service that fits your schedule, and availability any day of the week
  • Eco- and pet-friendly products and detergent

Floor stripping and waxing

We provide full service for your floors, including floor stripping, waxing, polishing/buffing, cleaning, and regular janitorial maintenance services for all types of floors, tile, linoleume, etc.

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Barbecue cleaning

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Interior vehicle cleaning

Car Interior Cleaning:

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Building exterior cleaning


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Post-Renovation Cleaning for Apartments

Post-Renovation Cleaning for Apartments 

We know how important it is to remove all dust and debris after renovations. We provide one of the most extensive post-renovation cleaning services in the city.

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Professional Dryer Cleaning

Professional Dryer Cleaning

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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning

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Furnace Cleaning

Furnace Cleaning

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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

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Commercial Window Washing

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Gym Cleaning Service


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Commercial and Residential Wall Washing


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Garage Door Cleaning Service


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Exterior Sign and Banner Cleaning


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Floor Scrubbing Services


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CityCleaning isn't limited to these services - we customize our cleaning to your requests. Just ask! Call or email us to arrange a free estimate or personal consultation.

Popular Questions

Why should you hire us to clean your apartment/house/business, etc.?

A professional cleaning saves you time and money on cleaning supplies, which can be spent with your family, on vacation, with friends, etc.

Professional cleaning services are equipped to handle complex and difficult environmental grime as well as any pollution that might be in your living environment. 

I have a vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies.
Why can't I clean the apartment as well as you can?

Use of standard cleaning supplies does not allow for an efficient cleaning - this requires special reagents and equipment.

For example, your rug can be home to various bacteria and allergens. An ordinary vacuum cleaner can remove only 30% of this dirt that accumulates inside of your rugs. In order to thoroughly clean your rugs and remove all traces of mud and detergent, a special industrial-strength vacuum cleaner and detergents, like the ones we use, are required.

Of course, you can try to clean the apartment yourself, but this will be a long and laborious process. Why worry about it if our friendly and professional cleaners can allow you to cope with this task quickly and with less effort?
City Cleaning works very quickly.
Does this affect the quality of the cleaning?
Our experienced employees are fast, but work is being done carefully and methodically. Speed does not affect the quality of our cleaning because we use industrial-strength cleaning agents and supplies.

We will return your space in perfect condition, as quickly as possible, to ensure that we do not impact your daily routine.

How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned Professionally?

How often should carpet be cleaned? Probably not something you think about on a regular basis. If you do find yourself pondering your carpet and it’s cleaning frequency, there are 3 things to consider. The time frames mentioned below are suggestions based on keeping your carpet looking it’s best, for the longest time possible. To get the most life out of your carpet, you’ll want to have it cleaned BEFORE it starts to show signs of soiling. Over time, soil settles into your carpet fibers and can cause your carpet to break-down prematurely. This is why carpet manufacturers recommend annual steam cleanings. Professional cleanings remove the soil that you can’t see, eliminating unnecessary wear through proper maintenance. The soil acts like sandpaper, and grinds away at the carpet fiber, eventually causing wear. A good way to think of professional carpet cleaning is like preventative maintenance. Take good care of your carpet and it will last longer and look better.

Carpet Warranty?

Do you have a carpet warranty that you want to keep valid? If yes, check your warranty paperwork. Most carpet manufactures require that you have a professional steam cleaning (technically named a hot water extraction) once a year. No carpet warranty? Then the decision to clean your carpet professionally is entirely up to you. Think about the following variables before you call a professional. You are completely in control of how often should carpet be cleaned!

How often Should Carpet be Cleaned

Think about the traffic your carpet gets? More people means more traffic. Generally speaking, a family of 8 should have the carpet cleaned more often than a couple or someone living alone. A home with minimal traffic can go 2 or more years between professional carpet cleanings. On the contrast, a large family may decide to have the carpet cleaned every 9 months. Do you have children in the home? On average, a professional cleaning every 9-12 months is a good idea when you have children running through the home. There’s no telling what they may have tracked in!

What about fur-babies?

A home with indoor pets should have the carpet professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. More frequently if your pet has accidents. More frequent cleanings are recommended for homes with pets because animals typically shed dander and fur on your carpet fibers. Frequent vacuuming can extend the time needed between professional cleanings, but frequent vacuuming means three times a week or more! Your carpet cleaner may be able to offer you an “every 6 months” schedule. Each home is different, and there isn’t a science to the length of time that should pass between professional carpet cleanings. UNLESS, you have a carpet warranty to adhere to. In that case, follow the instructions stated in the warrant

Customer Reviews

Wonderful cleaners. I am extremely happy with their service and have recommended them to several friends.

Amanda Kozan
Sep 12, 2016


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