Interior vehicle cleaning

Car Interior Cleaning:


Cleaning includes:

  • Removing garbage and sorting recyclables
  • Cleaning the center console
  • Cleaning the buttons on the dashboard
  • Detailing using a small brush
  • Washing and polishing windows
  • Polishing with firm circular motion
  • Cleaning the floor mats
  • Vacuuming from top to bottom
  • Moving the seats to access tough-to-reach areas
  • Cleaning both leather and fabric upholstery and seats
  • Removing tough stains with a stain remover


We use:

  • Steam cleaners with shampoo - the most effective way to tackle cloth upholstery
  • Leather conditioner or saddle soap – the best treatment for leather seats and trim (optional)
  • A vacuum cleaner with attachments for detailed cleaning
  • Extension cord (if needed)
  • Garden hose (if the vehicle has plastic floor mats)
  • Rags
  • Paper towels or newspapers
  • Window cleaner that is compatible with your tinted windows
  • Vinyl cleaner/protector
  • Carpet cleaner (optional)
  • Regular household cleaner
  • Car cleaning wipes

Our rates:

  • Car interior: $100
  • Minivan: $130


Cleaning is done at your location.


Customer Reviews

Been using there service for about a year now. Nice people, trustworthy, professional and take criticism to improve their services! By far the most pleasant experience in Saskatoon.

Sep 09, 2016


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