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Spring is known as the time to clean your home and purge old items, but who says you can only do it one season of the year? 

You can sort through boxes and shelves any time, and City Cleaning will help with the cleanup afterward. We will deep clean your home, so you can relax after all the hard work you put into your sorting. That's our definition of spring cleaning. Whenever you're ready for spring cleaning we will be there to scrub baseboards, floors, and toilets - ensuring your home is sparkling clean no matter what time of year it is.

At City Cleaners, we do not cut corners – we clean them.



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BESTCLEANING - CLEANING COMPANY «It is our pleasure!» Cleaning - professional cleaning with the use of special technologies, special detergents and professional equipment to ensure the highest level of cleanliness in the room. The specifics of particular types of cleaning depend on THE SURFACE finishing materials, as well as elements of the interior. Professional cleaning requires the participation of various departments, which are responsible for specific manufacturing operations. Each cle...

Jul 30, 2015


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